Locks & Deadlocks

How do I make my house Secure?

The security of your house comes down to what you yourself feel safe with, this could be the locks that were put on when the house was built. These days the Insurance companies push for you to increase your security by adding Deadlocks and Security Screens to make the properties chance of illegal entry harder.

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Is there a good lock to get fitted

If a lock keeps you safe then it is a good lock,. but the saying is true you get what you pay for. At Jimboomba Locksmiths we use only good quality brands that have stood for quality in our industry.  Most Locks that you by from the hardware are made for a throw away society and not long term use, with the ones we use we can use them for commercial or residential as they will last.    

Fire Locks

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There are many differnt locks on the market these days and Fire Tested Locks are one of them. Fire Locks mean fire tested locks these are locks that have been put on a door and subjected to being put under fire testing for 2 to 3 hours and see if the lock can withstand the heat without opening up.

Residential Locks

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Residential Locks are the standard baseline of all locks on the market, saying this the quility varies alot from brand to brand. Jimboomba Locksmiths only use the best quilty avaiable on the market so you know that there will not be quilty issues down the line.

Commercial Locks

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Commercial Locks are highest quility locks on the market these locks have the best tolerance in the cylinder for Locksmiths to use for 6pin Master Key system. These locks are like the locks used in your home which in some cases we do as the deadbolts are the best.

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As the area Jimboomba, Yarrabilba  and Flagstone grow so does the need to upgrade your security on your home.




We work hard to get our businesses towhere they are today not to have staff and unwanted people have access to areas where there not meant to be. 




Broken Key, Lost Keys we are there for you we have our Automotive Locksmith vans that can come to you, with the latest Programmer for your car we can help you. 


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